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   O2O accompanied the birth of the mobile Internet is a service provider of electric start. Mobile Internet Solutions on the information online, offline circulation problems among so O2O possible. PC Internet basically completed standard physical commodity electricity providers, mobile Internet will complete the non-standardized service providers of electricity. Mobile Internet era consumers anywhere through mobile phones online, offline switching between switching cost far less than the PC Internet. Phone as a transaction channel full participation and feedback, transaction data service, information technology, standardization, the electricity supplier of the service begins. Under PC Internet line, lines are split, the consumer online, repeatedly switching between the line, large switching costs, the loss rate.
  PC Internet basic electricity provider to complete the standard of physical goods. Physical goods can be stored, production process standardization, scale, PC Internet electricity supplier major commodity trading process on the real data and information transformation.

   Mobile Internet will complete the non-standardized service providers of electricity. Services can not be stored, difficult to standardize, planning production. Service is intangible, production and consumption at the same time, non-store, variability, localization and high demand characteristics, consumers need to be online to choose a particular scene, complete consumption, standardization difficult.

   O2O-based mobile Internet services will become the main way of transformation of the electricity supplier, future space one trillion. 2013 local life O2O (catering, ticketing etc.) market reached $ 120 million in online travel market size of about 220 billion deal, the two add up to 340 billion. Compared to domestic e-commerce transaction volume of nearly 10 trillion, accounting is still small, iResearch 2017 China is expected to O2O market size is expected to reach 1 trillion.

  O2O include both online and offline transactions trading, profit model, including advertising and marketing and trading into trading patterns into larger development space for businesses and users more viscous. O2O ultimate development direction is transferred from the line to online transactions, from advertising and marketing into a profit mode shift to the transaction. Line transactions: O2O website or APP mainly plays the role of pre-trade diversion, the main profit model is advertising and marketing. Online Trading: O2O website or APP equivalent merchant reception and cash register systems, transaction into the main profit model.