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CCPIT and China signed a memorandum of understanding between UNIDO
Clear the field they intend to strengthen cooperation aimed at economic development and to jointly promote the process of industrialization in developing countries
    WASHINGTON (correspondent Fan Limin Ma Keke special correspondent reported Johannesburg) local time on December 4, China CCPIT Chairman Jiang Zengwei and Industrial Development Organization (hereinafter referred to as UNIDO) Director-General Li Yong, signed on behalf of the two institutions in Johannesburg, South Africa "China International Trade Promotion Committee and UNIDO Memorandum of Understanding" (hereinafter referred to as the "Memorandum of Understanding").
    "Memorandum of Understanding" to define the two sides intend to strengthen cooperation in the field, including: the promotion of Chinese enterprises to invest overseas; expand economic and trade exchanges between China and developing countries; Africa and other regional industrial park construction experience and knowledge sharing; globalization, the international production cooperation, technical experience and knowledge in the field of standards and sharing of economic and trade disputes; Promotion Office (ITPOs) work-based network of South-South cooperation framework as well as UNIDO's investment in technology, to strengthen trade and investment cooperation between China and other developing countries; trade capacity-building in the field of professional training ; and cooperation under the framework of the 2016 business activities of the Group of Twenty (B20).
    Among them, on the promotion of Chinese enterprises "going out", the "Memorandum of Understanding" states: China CCPIT and UNIDO jointly market research organizations in developing countries to understand their investment environment and policies to help enterprises seek cooperation opportunities; UNIDO assist China CCPIT arrangements for Chinese experts to visit Africa to promote the successful experience of China-related industrial park construction; China CCPIT organized Chinese enterprises to participate in UNIDO's assistance in setting up an industrial park construction, Ethiopia, Senegal; China CCPIT to promote the internationalization of Chinese competitive enterprises, international production cooperation and technical standards cooperation in support of relevant countries to achieve sustainable industrial development and increased productive employment, help UNIDO to achieve sustainable development goals of the United Nations in 2030.
    In recent years, Chinese enterprises "going out" process still faces many difficulties and challenges, such as the international situation is becoming increasingly complicated, foreign investors and the industry increasingly diverse and so on. China CCPIT China as the countries in the world responsible for promoting trade and economic activities between various regions of the national development of foreign trade and investment promotion agency, has been committed to helping Chinese enterprises to "go." UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations system, through the promotion of industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and sustainable environment. By signing the "Memorandum of Understanding", both parties agree will be based on their respective functions, play to their respective advantages, strengthen mutual cooperation in various trade and investment promotion related areas, work together to create more trade and investment opportunities for developing countries to further promote the economies of developing countries development and industrialization process.
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